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Alex Galloway

My Story

I’m determined to help people live greener and off the grid.

It’s been a goal of mine for years, and I’ve wanted to do it from day one.

As soon as I install my power box in these tiny homes, people will literally be able to go off-grid themselves– never waiting around for someone else again!

There was this time during a recent storm when we lost power for nine whole days… Talk about frustration! I had to wait on someone else to restore my power.  I felt helpless.

But if I had installed my own power source– then even without electricity or internet access, we would have been just fine!

Ever since then, I’ve wanted to help people live independently and economically.  With these tiny homes, I can do just that.


“There was a storm where I had no power for nine whole days.  It was so frustrating to have to wait for someone else. I want to help people live green and off the grid.”

– Alex Galloway
Owner, Little Tiny Home Builder

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Tiny homes have become a popular housing option as they require only a fraction of the space and resources needed for a traditional home. If you are considering owning your own tiny home, reach out to us today to get started on making your dream of living small a reality!